Update & Breathing Exercises

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Sing to Relax

Like exercise, music can be a powerful way of calming the mind, easing symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. A lovely way to help this process along is to start your day with some slow, meditative breathing exercises. This one uses the sounds Mmm, Aw, Ah in repetition, almost like a mantra. Try singing along and feel yourself slowing down. And remember never to rush anything!

Lessons Slots on Zoom this week:

All lessons will be conducted over video call this week and next week. In the rare event of technical difficulties with internet connections etc, I’ll ring up instead and we can do a lesson over the phone (with mobiles set to speaker phone). If any of the following times would work for you, drop me a text on 07746 637472.

  • Mon 5th July
    • 13:45
    • 16:00
  • Tue 6th July
    • 12:45
  • Wed 7th July
    • 14:15
  • Fri 9th July
    • 12:45
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