Weekly Update: 30 Aug 2020

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Most of my students are now planning to return to face to face lessons, and these will begin on 8th September, all being well. My Zoom facility will remain in place, though, for people who would like to stick with video lessons for the time being. It will also be an option for those who wake up feeling a little bit under the weather: not too ill to stop doing things, but ill enough to be concerned about passing germs around. And, of course, if further lockdowns occur, then the Zoom facility will still be there so that we can switch right back.

So, lessons for the coming week are still on Zoom only. And, the lesson slots available are:

  • Tuesday 1st September
    • 09:30 (30 mins)
    • 17:30 (30 mins)
  • Wednesday 2nd September
    • 16:00 (2 x 30 mins)
    • 20:00 (2 x 30 mins)
  • Thursday 3rd September
    • 15:30 (30 mins)
  • Friday 4th September
    • 17:30 (30 mins)
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