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Lessons Slots: w/c 15th June 2020

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Live Streamed Concert for MSF As this week begins, my students, friends, associates and their families are getting geared up towards the concert we have planned for Saturday! It’ll be broadcast live to YouTube, and you can watch it by visiting my YouTube channel: A link to the live feed will also be viewable on my Facebook page, where you… Read more »

Newsletter: May 2020

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Hi students / parents. It’s now been six weeks since lockdown began in the UK, and all my face-to-face lessons were put on hold. And, I’ve got to say that I’ve really missed the routine interactions I had with my students before all this Covid thing kicked off – exchanging pleasantries and updates about what we’d each done over the… Read more »

Lesson Availability, w/c 30th March

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As you know, lessons with me are now exclusively online and will remain so until the lockdown is over. I’ve been using Zoom video conferencing technology to great effect – there’s actually very little difference between this and doing face-to-face sessions, especially with instrumental students. Plus, lots of people are using Zoom to keep in touch with family members, so… Read more »

Online Lessons Availability w/c 23/03/20

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Hi all. As you know, I’ve now switched to online lessons. I’m using the Pro version of Zoom – the highest quality video conferencing software available. It’s free for my students to use and allows us to have a ‘nearly in the same room’ type of experience. There is, admittedly, one small downside: that it’s difficult to play / sing… Read more »