Update: Resumption of Music Exams

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Many of my students have been confused and perplexed by the various and changing arrangements for graded instrumental exams over the past year or so. For clarity, I have trawled through the info for the three main boards that my students enter and provide a little info for each below:


Face to face exams resume in June. From the ABRSM website:

Following the recent announcements, we are very pleased to announce that we will be able to offer face-to-face Practical exams at our Public Venues in June and July across the UK and Ireland.

We plan to run our face-to-face Session 2 practical exams (Prep Test, Performance Assessment, Practical Grades and ARSM) at Public Venues as planned this summer, as long as we can run them safely and in line the latest government guidance, travel restrictions and public health guidelines.

Trinity College

Trinity are currently allowing exams by video entry (the details of this are rather sketchy but I have a student who will be entering Grade 4 piano by this method in the near future, so I will be able to provide more detail then). The earliest date that face-to-face exams will resume will be 21st June, but Trinity are yet to confirm that actual dates.

Rockschool / RSL

All exams seem to be going ahead as planned, with the additional option of examination by video (pre-recorded and submitted) or by live video for designated exam centres. In theory, there should be no problem booking and going ahead with a Rockschool exam by any of the three methods above.

Lesson slots for the coming week

My calendar continues to be very busy, but there are a few vacant slots for the week ahead:

  • Mon 26th April, 10:15
  • Wed 28th April, 14:15
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